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Mobilizing Teams International

We know that performance comes from engaging individuals and teams around Aristotle’s rhetorical triangle of, Logos, Ethos and Pathos. In today’s business world the connections are :
Successful leaders are those who understand that without addressing and balancing these three factors, individuals, teams and ultimately organisations cannot deliver to their maximum capacity.

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What Client’s Say

Anyone who is serious about improving their leadership presence and leading through difficult transitions should want to work with these guys. Must for every leader (or leader to be). Extremely valuable time spent exploring, reflecting and creating awareness.
As a result of working with MTI I am more aware of my presence as leader, my behaviour, my understanding of the strategy and how I as a leader can influence that or promote it within the team.
The atmosphere is very good. Lots of energy. Knowledge/experience are shared readily and it’s easy to understand. Allowing everyone to form their opinions. It was extremely engaging and revealing. A very agile learning environment.
I never got bored with the MTI team, consistently engaging and challenging. There was never a moment where I felt superfluous, or off base, or didn’t apply to me or my work. I never wanted to leave the room to take a walk, read e-mail, sleep, etc. Completely immersive experience.
After working with MTI I have specific personal challenges to work on, and some new questions to explore. I now know that it is critical to pay attention to behaviour and the emotional dynamics in my team and the organization as a whole.

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